Why can we trust a certified exterminator like La cie d'extermination Chomedey / Mirabel?

By using a certified exterminator, you ensure that the company holds a valid permit for the use of C5 subclass pesticides. This permit is issued by the Department of Environment and Climate Change. In addition, a certified extermination company will have its work carried out by an employee who is also certified for the application of sub-category C5 pesticides.

Certified exterminators are responsible for informing their customers about the pest present on the premises and its behavior as well as control methods and alternative pesticides. The latter must be used as a last resort and/or only where necessary. The products used by certified exterminators are also the least harmful to your health and the environment.

The extermination company Chomedey/ Mirabel is also a member of the Association québécoise de la gestion parasitaire (AQGP), in particular to promote standards and a code of professional practices for our industry.


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I have a problem with...
... carpenter ants!

Be alert, because these often black or very dark ants eat wood from the structures of your home to dig their nest. If you spot even one during the winter, you may be experiencing an infestation. They reproduce quickly: you could end up with several nests at the same time.

... bed bugs!

If you have spotted traces of blood or black marks on your blankets and mattress cover, it may be because bedbugs come to sting you at night. Some people will also notice red blisters on their body that cause itching. Carefully inspect your mattress and its seams, your box spring and your bed base: bedbugs take refuge in it during the day. Keep an eye out, because adults are barely the size of an apple seed! Bedbugs are hard to eliminate: you’ll need us!

... cockroaches!

Be vigilant, because these often discreet cockroaches are invading every nook and cranny of your home. If you spot even one during the winter, you could be facing an invasion. They multiply at high speed, and you could be faced with several outbreaks simultaneously.

... wasps!

There are several species, but the most aggressive and disturbing are the social wasp and the yellow wasp. When a nest is nearby in our garden, under a porch or in a shed, it can pose a real danger to the whole family and pets: it is better to exterminate it. Since it is risky to try to eradicate it yourself, call a certified exterminator.

... mice or rats!

These rodents cause headaches for homeowners, office tenants and merchants in major cities such as Montreal and Quebec, in particular. Carriers of many diseases, they roam soils and surfaces in search of food. They can also cause significant damage to homes, including electrical wires, insulation materials and pipes.

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