Extermination of cockroaches

Repulsive, the cockroach can quickly take over a home. They reproduce at a rapid rate and feed on just about anything… including feces. If you’ve seen one, chances are it’s not alone: entrust the extermination of cockroaches to a pest management specialist like La compagnie d’extermination Chomedey/Mirabel.

Lifestyle : when the cockroach invites itself at home

The most common species in Quebec are the American cockroach and the German cockroach. The latter is distinguished by its small size, its oval shape and its brown or caramel color (more details here). As for the American cockroach, they can be recognized by their large size (more details here). A cockroach can get into our houses in different ways:

  • by windows without screens or leaky doors with cracks;
  • by boxes brought from outside;
  • by infested second-hand furniture or electrical appliances;
  • by an infested neighbouring apartment (cockroaches circulate in particular on the pipes from one dwelling to another).

Its life cycle consists of three phases: the egg, the nymph (which is very similar to the adult, but smaller and w3aithout wings) and the adult. When the adult female is fertilized, she carries up to fifty eggs in a sort of pouch called an ootheca for almost a month. The German cockroach is a gregarious insect, which means that it lives in groups. Their shelters are soiled with excrement.

Nocturnal, the cockroach is active at night. During the day, they take refuge in cracks, cupboards and any other dark and quiet place. If you observe them during the day, it may be a sign of a major infestation.

The cockroach eats everything

While they are particularly fond of carbohydrates (including starch and sugar), they also eat protein and fat. This is why she will devour crumbs on the floor, pet food in bowls on the floor, and table scraps thrown in the garbage or compost. Dirty dishes on counters or in the sink will also attract them. It is also not uncommon to see them eating hair, nail clippings and feces. Since they can sneak into cupboards, be sure to store all food in airtight plastic or glass containers: avoid cardboard boxes in case of infestation.

Did you know that the German cockroach can survive 40 days without water and 200 without food? A true force of nature!

An insect that likes humidity in the bathroom

A warm and humid environment is conducive to the proliferation of German cockroaches, which is why they often gather in the bathroom near sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets. Another popular watering place is the kitchen, where they are often found because of the humidity and the food it provides. It also frequently lodges behind the refrigerator, attracted by the heat, as well as under tables and appliances.

Is the cockroach dangerous?

Since they feed on excrement and decomposing food in garbage cans, cockroaches can transmit various diseases and viruses, especially when they come into contact with food that will be eaten by humans or with clean dishes or kitchen countertops. It is a vector of salmonella and gastroenteritis and can also trigger asthma attacks.

Signs of presence

Cockroaches secrete a musty smelling substance from their abdominal glands. In addition, their mandibles produce a brown liquid that is just as foul smelling and impregnates any food they come in contact with. In addition to smelling bad, an infested room will also be stained with solid excrement the size of peppercorns… or coffee beans!

Also, since cockroaches often molt during their lifetime, you may find exuviae (molt skins) here and there.

Cockroach traps

Placed in areas where you suspect the presence of these undesirables, the sticky traps will show you where they are.

How can we eradicate cockroaches?

In these cases of minor infestations, it is possible to get rid of these unwanted pests yourself… if you are determined! Your main allies? A thorough cleaning and vacuuming. First, a clean house will limit food sources. Secondly, the vacuum cleaner will also help you to capture the specimens you see and the eggs that may be lying around. After the operation, isolate the filter in a well-sealed garbage bag and dispose of it in an outdoor trash can.

Also, be sure not to leave any food lying around on the counters and in the sink, and be sure to clean your stove (and side rails) after use. Finally, be sure to close the dishwasher door at all times.

Also, be sure to check the relative humidity in your home and its rooms: aim for 45% or less.

Cockroach insecticides

If the preventive measures listed above fail to eradicate the problem, you can resort to certain insecticides and/or pesticides, such as diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide), boric acid (borax) or pyrethrin.

The role of the cockroach exterminator

The cockroach is a tenacious and resistant insect: when an infestation is present, you may well be unable to defeat the enemy, despite your best efforts and the chemicals used.

A cockroach (and other pest) exterminator will be able to assess the extent of the infestation and locate the places where they are hiding in order to intervene more effectively. The exterminator has more powerful products in his arsenal than those you can find in stores, but he will make sure to use them in a way that protects the health of pregnant women, pets and children in the affected home.

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