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Mice and rats can transmit several parasites, such as fleas, as well as diseases, such as salmonella and plague. Since these rodents are common in urban areas, infestations are numerous and must be taken seriously, especially because of the fire hazard they pose by eating through electrical wires.

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How to identify deer mice, house mice and other species

Of the family Muridae (which also includes rats), the mouse is a small omnivorous mammal measuring between 6 and 10 cm (its tail alone reaches about 10 cm) and weighing between 20 and 50 g. There are several species, including :

  • the deer mouse;
  • the grey (or house) mouse;
  • the white-footed mouse;
  • and the mouse with straps.

Quebec is also home to other small rodents that are often confused with mice, including voles and field mice.

Nocturnal, the mouse is most active at sunset. Its coat can be grey, grey-brown, black or white. Its snout is rather pointed, while its ears are well developed and its legs are relatively short (although they allow it to jump up to 30 cm).

Baby mice: a spectacular reproduction rate

The female gives birth to 6 to 12 baby mice per litter… and can have up to 8 litters per year! While they are born blind and hairless, they reach sexual maturity after 6 to 10 weeks. That’s why you must act quickly when mice are present in your home, otherwise the infestation may degenerate within a few months. The life expectancy of mice is between 2 and 3 years.

Mouse in the house: where is it hiding?

Mice build nests that look like a ball of paper and cloth. They may nest in boxes, closets, attics, basements or garages, especially if there is a food source nearby. It also likes enclosed spaces, such as inside walls and under floors. It is believed to infest homes and businesses even more than rats.

If you see several mice outside your home, they may be hiding in your home.

How do you identify the sewer rat (not “filth rat”)?

Longer and more massive than the mouse, the rat, also omnivorous, can reach up to 46 cm (including the tail) and weigh up to 300 g. Two species are found in Quebec:

  • the black rat (or attic rat), smaller and elongated and whose coat sometimes turns brown;
  • and the grey rat (or surmulot), which is the larger and more common of the two.

Although it is nocturnal, it is possible to observe it during the day. In the wild, it digs underground tunnels, where it lodges and builds its nest. To find its food, it climbs, jumps (it can leap 0.9 m high) and swims. They do not move more than 100 m from their burrow and eat seeds, vegetables, fruits and table scraps during their outings. When it lives with a large number of rats, it can even adopt cannibalistic behaviors. It must drink every day, which is why it usually settles near a water source.

Baby rats: they come fast and in large numbers

Like mice, rats also reproduce very quickly, as females can have between 3 and 12 litters per year of 5 to 10 rats, which can mate in turn after only 3 or 4 months. If you see a rat in your basement or attic, call an exterminator immediately to neutralize the possible infestation.

Rat in the house: where is it hiding?

Rats can enter a home through damaged or inadequate plumbing or through a nearby sewer break. They may then move into a quiet area of a home or business, such as a basement or attic. He will then search for food, possibly gutting packages in the pantry or helping himself to the bowl of cat or dog food, among other things. If it has a choice, it will prefer fresh food to garbage.

How do I know if there is a mouse or rat infestation?

In addition to the suspicious sounds of movement and small cries you may hear at night, there are several signs that mice or rats may be in your home.

  • Feces in the corners, behind the furniture and in the attic.
  • Bad odors, due to urine.
  • Tracks on the bottom of the walls (caused by the rubbing of their dirty and oily coat) or on the floor (left by their paws or tails).
  • Cans and bags of food gnawed away in the pantry.
  • Holes in walls or on the floor.
  • Gnawed wires and wood (mice and rats have continuously growing incisors that they must wear out).

Preventing mice and rats in a home

The best way to prevent mice and rats from entering a home or business is to properly seal the building. Pay particular attention to cracks in doors and windows and access to pipes and drains.

  • Also, avoid piling wood or other materials near the house, as rodents may use them for nesting.
  • Cut your grass and long grass regularly.

If you suspect any of these undesirables in your home:

  • Store your food in airtight plastic or glass containers.
  • Clean the inside of the kitchen cabinets and behind the furniture and stove.
  • Take out your garbage bags regularly and put them in an outdoor garbage can with a lid.

Mouse and rat traps and poison: are they really effective?

Mouse or rat traps with bait are generally effective in catching a few specimens. However, only an experienced exterminator will know how to place them in the right places, in sufficient quantity, and will be able to determine when the problem will be definitively resolved.

Mouse and rat poisons are not recommended as a first treatment because rodents may die in the wall partitions or in their hiding places and give off foul odors as they decompose. It may also attract equally unwanted insects to your home. In addition, the poisons can be a danger to your pet and young children.

Why use an exterminator?

On his first visit, the exterminator will first assess the situation: he will evaluate the possible number of specimens hiding in your home, as well as their entry points and circulation routes, in order to seal them or to indicate to the owner the procedure to follow to do so. He will also install professional quality traps in strategic locations and make the necessary follow-up visits to eradicate all mice and rats present.

Entrusting the extermination of these invaders to a professional will allow you to quickly put an end to the infestation in a way that is safe for the entire household.

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